• Pool URL: http://zpool.ca
  • Number of Coins: 199
  • Number of Workers:
    MinexMNXequihash96 1.15 400540N/A1571731.10 minutes ago1.32 MH/s
    SuncoinSUNneoscrypt 1.15 293180N/A1722915.57 hours ago280.03 KH/s
    CranepayCRPyespower 1.15 1860356N/A495241.38 minutes ago3.23 KH/s
    DocumentchainDMSyescryptR32 1.15 107526N/A2292717.27 minutes ago15.01 KH/s
    TrendoTRNDhex 1.15 126818N/A20834915.08 minutes ago197.22 MH/s
    HushHUSHequihash 1.15 139162N/A718339.98 minutes ago550.28 KH/s
    SuperBTCSBTCsha256 0.75 602967N/A35462059.73 minutes ago633.15 TH/s
    ArgentumNTAGNTneoscrypt 1.15 158869N/A1633419.83 minutes ago7.49 MH/s
    VIOGVIOGneoscrypt 1.15 389573N/A285701.29 days ago282.45 KH/s
    Bitcoin Cash (ABC)BCHsha256 0.75 613125N/A730-87.56 GH/s
    TitanCoinTTNx21s 1.15 91967N/A2662462.12 hours ago940.36 MH/s
    KingsstakeKINGx13 1.15 68193N/A9522021.37 minutes ago3.36 GH/s
    BitCoreBTXbitcore 1.15 512300N/A8960026.33 days ago32.2 MH/s
    Bitcoin AtomBCAsha256 0.75 683245N/A2279479.09 hours ago49.76 TH/s
    ArepacoinAREPAscrypt 0.75 1659726N/A421165.35 minutes ago484.86 MH/s
    BitCoin RhodiumXRCx13 1.15 59984N/A14179721.16 hours ago17.06 TH/s
    WXcoinWXCx13 1.15 471197N/A4088218.87 hours ago461.64 MH/s
    BuenosBUENhmq1725 1.15 52765N/A77812435.30 minutes ago144.02 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-equi192equihash192 1.15 963053N/A20221.93 hours ago9 H/s
    01CoinZOCneoscrypt 1.15 358196N/A1422443.12 minutes ago10.61 MH/s
    TraidcoinTRAIDneoscrypt 1.15 341158N/A763943.10 minutes ago260.25 KH/s
    VelesVLS-x11x11 0.75 287479N/A436301.96 days ago255.3 GH/s
    VelesVLS-lyra2zlyra2z 1.15 287479N/A32173736.32 minutes ago569.94 GH/s
    VelesVLS-shasha256 0.75 287479N/A473304.47 days ago26.77 TH/s
    VelesVLS-scryptscrypt 0.75 287479N/A1014905.83 days ago769.45 MH/s
    VelesVLSx16r 1.15 287479N/A60661.70 hours ago180.68 MH/s
    VelesVLS-nist5nist5 1.15 287479N/A28174.57 hours ago2.95 MH/s
    AriCoinARIscrypt 0.75 844184N/A1079952.36 hours ago2.51 GH/s
    VergeXVG-myr-grmyr-gr 1.15 3670340N/A1746501.26 days ago285.83 GH/s
    NoirNORlyra2z330 1.15 543299N/A40471.76 hours ago4.64 KH/s
    TimeTIMECskein 1.15 4037984N/A111124523.02 minutes ago116.07 GH/s
    BitcoinzeroBZXlyra2z 1.15 206721N/A2514491.82 minutes ago44.55 GH/s
    Bitcoin SVBSVsha256 0.75 612888N/A730-95.45 TH/s
    BitcoinBTCVsha256 0.75 2708N/A3313114.40 hours ago460.63 TH/s
    ScribeSCRIBElyra2v2 0.95 457026N/A3180610.18 hours ago2.15 GH/s
    FxTC CoinFXTC-shasha256 0.75 583868N/A462501.78 days ago2.93 GH/s
    BitCashBITCx16rv2 1.15 678468N/A134611514.92 minutes ago1.76 GH/s
    EmralsEMRALSx11 0.75 262980N/A1183583.72 minutes ago411.59 GH/s
    BNodeBNODEhoneycomb 1.15 132321N/A40925118.83 minutes ago4.85 GH/s
    GravityGXXlyra2z330 1.15 592044N/A157846.90 minutes ago30.02 KH/s
    VEILVEILveil 1.15 484517N/A00-10.65 MH/s
    VidulumVDLequihash192 1.15 579461N/A710918.92 minutes ago4 H/s
    OmotenashicoinMTNSskein 1.15 120829N/A11452325.35 minutes ago120.82 GH/s
    Strong HandsSHNDsha256 0.75 49678N/A462505.54 days ago21.84 GH/s
    SucreXSRx16r 1.15 180576N/A21035732.37 minutes ago125.71 MH/s
    CreamCRMskein 1.15 42069N/A1771221.88 hours ago169.22 GH/s
    FxTC CoinFXTCx16r 1.15 583868N/A59781.70 hours ago181 MH/s
    ArionARIONx11 0.75 386317N/A393655.33 minutes ago18.36 GH/s
    KomodoKMDequihash 1.15 1659030N/A564902.29 days ago5.94 MH/s
    BellcoinBELLyespower 1.15 655716N/A20630610.98 minutes ago28.96 KH/s
    FxTC CoinFXTC-lyra2zlyra2z 1.15 583868N/A6931513.73 minutes ago1.25 GH/s
    FxTC CoinFXTC-x11x11 0.75 583868N/A435705.59 days ago102.38 GH/s
    FxTC CoinFXTC-scryptscrypt 0.75 583868N/A1014903.28 days ago769.45 MH/s
    EunoEUNOx11 0.75 626780N/A16323129.35 minutes ago298.98 GH/s
    TourTOURlyra2z 1.15 252972N/A7113924.02 hours ago6.64 GH/s
    EspersESPhmq1725 1.15 868951N/A974721.52 hours ago278.66 MH/s
    BolivarBOLIx11 0.75 621815N/A20409810.33 hours ago1.83 TH/s
    ZCashZECequihash 1.15 653599N/A7080-423.95 KH/s
    BitcoinGoldBTGequihash144 1.15 611812N/A885708.50 days ago269.84 KH/s
    Testnet RVNRVNx16rv2 1.15 1011566N/A3371017.54 days ago64.75 GH/s
    WoodLOGskein2 1.15 1113897N/A2216221.32 minutes ago4.61 GH/s
    SHIELDXSH-lyra2v2lyra2v2 0.95 1725700N/A317809.58 days ago2.1 GH/s
    SHIELDXSH-myr-grmyr-gr 1.15 1725700N/A4662717.30 minutes ago1.9 GH/s
    RitoCoinRITOx21s 1.15 541387N/A1941951.02 minutes ago1.93 GH/s
    MMOcoinMMOscrypt 0.75 937671N/A26294.10 minutes ago208.27 MH/s
    SparkspaySPKneoscrypt 1.15 410181N/A1303841.41 hours ago294.77 KH/s
    Dash coinDASHx11 0.75 1186692N/A1432019.22 hours ago54.38 TH/s
    SINSINx25x 1.15 305305N/A40616.94 hours ago3.85 MH/s
    GlobalToken v3GLT-yespoweryespower 1.15 963053N/A80062.86 hours ago72.5 KH/s
    GraviocoinGIOscrypt 0.75 1438991N/A20672045.15 minutes ago130.21 GH/s
    PlaceholdersPHLx16r 1.15 396091N/A1345101.18 minutes ago377.64 MH/s
    BataBTA-lyra2zlyra2z 1.15 1432611N/A132991.20 minutes ago512.94 MH/s
    LBRY.ioLBClbry 0.95 681858N/A863603.97 minutes ago72.08 TH/s
    GlobalToken v3GLT-tribustribus 1.15 963053N/A2311.22 hours ago23.56 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-phi2phi2 1.15 963053N/A1481.72 hours ago92.34 MH/s
    GlobalToken v3GLT-x22ix22i 1.15 963053N/A592142.89 hours ago1.64 MH/s
    RaceRACElyra2v2 0.95 391044N/A10953649.02 minutes ago904.77 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-phiphi 1.15 963053N/A55517.08 minutes ago45.39 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-x15x15 1.15 963053N/A196237.97 hours ago874.48 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-equi96equihash96 1.15 963053N/A582246.97 minutes ago468.73 KH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-equi144equihash144 1.15 963053N/A472347.95 minutes ago1 H/s
    DeepOnionONIONx13 1.15 1624123N/A86017535.83 minutes ago756.74 GH/s
    PrivcyPRIVx13 1.15 999709N/A7713716.47 minutes ago27.58 GH/s
    TitleTNETblake2b 1.15 1098359N/A5805641.10 minutes ago16.89 GH/s
    ZeroZERequihash192 1.15 738919N/A3871238.28 minutes ago577 H/s
    HorizenZENequihash 1.15 637366N/A1121903.46 days ago50.04 MH/s
    YentenYTNyespowerR16 1.15 539741N/A1073401.40 hours ago13.9 KH/s
    VergeXVG-x17x17 1.15 3670340N/A120-3.91 MH/s
    VergeXVG-lyra2v2lyra2v2 0.95 3670340N/A10761995.55 minutes ago73.91 GH/s
    VergeXVG-blake2sblake2s 0.95 3670340N/A45071653.70 minutes ago506.02 TH/s
    VergeXVGscrypt 0.75 3670340N/A38372914.95 minutes ago220.6 GH/s
    SpectreSecurityXSPCc11 1.15 238960N/A741761.20 minutes ago110.95 MH/s
    SHIELDXSH-x16sx16s 1.15 1725700N/A4448614.42 minutes ago236.71 MH/s
    SHIELDXSH-scryptscrypt 0.75 1725700N/A191004.42 minutes ago115.47 MH/s
    SHIELDXSH-blake2sblake2s 0.95 1725700N/A114511156.03 minutes ago9.53 TH/s
    SHIELDXSHx17 1.15 1725700N/A2391833.45 minutes ago359.46 MH/s
    PlatinumBarXPTXquark 1.15 1192808N/A121529.19 hours ago73.21 MH/s
    MyriadXMY-Groestlmyr-gr 1.15 2972399N/A209944.49 hours ago41.55 GH/s
    MyriadXMY-argon2dargon2d4096 1.15 2972399N/A333101.59 hours ago245.41 KH/s
    MyriadXMYyescrypt 1.15 2972399N/A95453212.72 minutes ago996.76 KH/s
    MotionXMNx16r 1.15 412416N/A21913133.08 minutes ago81.17 MH/s
    VertcoinVTClyra2v3 1.15 1261112N/A23501.40 days ago551.72 MH/s
    ViridiVIRIDIhex 1.15 307881N/A3121922.48 minutes ago20.76 MH/s
    VeggieCoinVEGIhmq1725 1.15 90371N/A789317.68 hours ago145.93 MH/s
    VecoVECOyespower 1.15 300235N/A911518.83 minutes ago9 KH/s
    UralsURALSxevan 1.15 300458N/A72363.39 hours ago94.54 KH/s
    TrezarcoinTZCneoscrypt 1.15 1168153N/A463632659.47 minutes ago310.56 MH/s
    TuxcoinTUXallium 1.15 737600N/A558046.95 minutes ago33.97 MH/s
    StraksSTAKlyra2v2 0.95 830468N/A14981141.23 hours ago916.3 MH/s
    SovSOVx16r 1.15 334718N/A551855.92 minutes ago23.92 MH/s
    SonoASONOsonoa 1.15 1170682N/A48753.68 minutes ago17.65 MH/s
    SibCoinSIBsib 1.15 918141N/A2877816.65 minutes ago8.54 GH/s
    SCRIVSCRIVtribus 1.15 1746320N/A1483977.98 minutes ago404.7 MH/s
    SorosSAROSx11 0.75 436584N/A4430616.85 minutes ago1.59 GH/s
    METHUSELAHSAPlyra2v2 0.95 284577N/A2528281.97 hours ago2.29 GH/s
    SafeCoinSAFEequihash192 1.15 949906N/A44402.37 minutes ago55 H/s
    RaptureRAPneoscrypt 1.15 405791N/A1354812.01 hours ago21.72 KH/s
    Qbase QBSx16s 1.15 288905N/A4512503.92 hours ago248.34 MH/s
    PeercoinPPCsha256 0.75 468780N/A3388116.55 hours ago448.52 TH/s
    PlusoneCoinPLUS1hmq1725 1.15 70706N/A81334.42 hours ago157.16 MH/s
    OMEGAOMEGAx11 0.75 781854N/A20858310.88 hours ago39.15 GH/s
    NyxcoinNYXneoscrypt 1.15 355193N/A10011069.36 hours ago326.99 KH/s
    NovacoinNVCscrypt 0.75 549191N/A1277201.13 days ago297.83 GH/s
    NasdaCoinNSDscrypt 0.75 438852N/A1374271.54 hours ago31.16 GH/s
    StrayaNAHscrypt 0.75 366896N/A5711321.32 hours ago997.81 MH/s
    MONAMONAlyra2v2 0.95 1855345N/A46448561.57 hours ago3.43 TH/s
    MogwaiMOGneoscrypt 1.15 331005N/A1032252.10 hours ago82.28 MH/s
    MBGLMBGLskunk 1.15 281027N/A433735.98 minutes ago3.38 MH/s
    LitecoinFinanceLTFNyescryptR32 1.15 1731122N/A75538.60 minutes ago5.12 KH/s
    LitecoinLTCscrypt 0.75 1752396N/A101950-541.94 GH/s
    LitecoinCashLCCsha256 0.75 1834399N/A1664916.80 minutes ago337.76 TH/s
    IQ CashIQneoscrypt 1.15 361878N/A905167.25 hours ago10.27 MH/s
    InnovaINNneoscrypt 1.15 480196N/A9814642.28 minutes ago1.72 MH/s
    IMGCIMGCx11 0.75 266807N/A11510632.00 minutes ago96.62 GH/s
    HawaiiHWIquark 1.15 483642N/A1057.88 minutes ago1.7 GH/s
    GroestlGRSgroestl 1.15 2877489N/A31142232.22 minutes ago471.03 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-yescryptyescrypt 1.15 963053N/A2321147.60 minutes ago1.45 KH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-xevanxevan 1.15 963053N/A17840.67 minutes ago1.08 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-x25xx25x 1.15 963053N/A20677.00 hours ago857.17 KH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-x17x17 1.15 963053N/A9965.33 hours ago33.32 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-x16rx16r 1.15 963053N/A66691.89 hours ago254.95 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-x14x14 1.15 963053N/A299551.73 minutes ago2.64 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-x13x13 1.15 963053N/A11194.75 minutes ago6.54 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-skunkskunk 1.15 963053N/A15801.31 days ago92.37 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-skeinskein 1.15 963053N/A1111439.25 minutes ago116.07 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-scryptscrypt 0.75 963053N/A60331.37 hours ago275.37 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-qubitqubit 1.1 963053N/A775161.07 hours ago104.56 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-quarkquark 1.15 963053N/A23301.43 days ago4.35 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-pawelhashpawelhash 1.15 963053N/A5663.36 hours ago146.95 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-padipadihash 1.15 963053N/A3491.24 hours ago32.07 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-nist5nist5 1.15 963053N/A160110.21 hours ago316.9 KH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-lyra2v3lyra2v3 1.15 963053N/A21401.72 days ago536.74 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-lyra2v2lyra2v2 0.95 963053N/A3179410.22 hours ago2.11 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-keccakkeccakc 1.15 963053N/A251222.23 hours ago13.2 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-jeonghashjeonghash 1.15 963053N/A134157.04 hours ago230.32 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-honeyhoneycomb 1.15 963053N/A3581.58 hours ago12.65 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-hmq1725hmq1725 1.15 963053N/A789111.28 hours ago145.93 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-groestlmyr-gr 1.15 963053N/A49001.04 days ago1.46 GH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-globalglobalhash 1.15 963053N/A00-0 H/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-equiequihash 1.15 963053N/A156231.21 hours ago243 H/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-dedaldedal 1.15 963053N/A6453.16 hours ago482.4 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-c11c11 1.15 963053N/A22161.42 hours ago8.08 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-blake2sblake2s 0.95 963053N/A849836.28 hours ago31.68 TH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-bitcorebitcore 1.15 963053N/A505601.19 days ago1.9 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-astralastralhash 1.15 963053N/A6918.80 hours ago19.81 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLT-alliumallium 1.15 963053N/A142151.98 hours ago77.3 MH/s
    GlobalTokenGLTsha256 0.75 963053N/A2264110.20 hours ago9.67 TH/s
    GincoinGINx16rt 1.15 449417N/A872695.30 minutes ago411.74 MH/s
    GexanGEXphi2 1.15 311459N/A1323948.00 seconds ago154.79 MH/s
    GameCreditsGAMEscrypt 0.75 2568178N/A25011812.95 minutes ago8.57 GH/s
    FuturoFTOx11 0.75 914337N/A136935.15 hours ago2.13 TH/s
    FeathercoinFTCneoscrypt 1.15 2951921N/A2866010.61 days ago256.49 KH/s
    FlorinFLOscrypt 0.75 3805786N/A28421126.93 minutes ago4.5 GH/s
    EinsteiniumEMC2scrypt 0.75 2578326N/A15716917.10 minutes ago2.49 GH/s
    ElicoinELIyescryptR16 1.15 896579N/A194771.93 minutes ago20.25 KH/s
    DynamicDYNargon2d500 1.15 432315N/A7975837.42 minutes ago1.69 MH/s
    DeVaultDVTsha256 0.75 124925N/A12224619.30 minutes ago16.1 TH/s
    DaviesDVSlyra2v2 0.95 209569N/A969944.00 minutes ago819.13 MH/s
    DineroDINneoscrypt 1.15 568557N/A413144.45 hours ago808.55 KH/s
    DimeDIMEquark 1.15 3765011N/A38501.62 days ago36.58 GH/s
    DigibyteDGB-skeinskein 1.15 9945091N/A1189110.22 hours ago116.59 GH/s
    DigibyteDGB-shasha256 0.75 9945091N/A4001301.16 hours ago626.02 TH/s
    DigibyteDGB-Scryptscrypt 0.75 9945091N/A33894321.67 minutes ago173.3 GH/s
    DigibyteDGBqubit 1.1 9945091N/A19424512.22 minutes ago59.03 TH/s
    DenariusDtribus 1.15 2713187N/A1151643.97 minutes ago664.83 MH/s
    CriptorealCRSlyra2z 1.15 399828N/A406901.24 days ago372.08 MH/s
    CommerciumCMMequihash 1.15 477197N/A363182.76 hours ago289 H/s
    CerberusCBSneoscrypt 1.15 416521N/A286502.53 days ago2.51 MH/s
    BZLCoinBZLtribus 1.15 1075811N/A199534.65 minutes ago31.18 MH/s
    BithereumBTHequihash144 1.15 623403N/A752617.30 minutes ago58 H/s
    BitcoinZBTCZequihash144 1.15 469975N/A3297181.58 hours ago2.79 KH/s
    BataBTA-x16rx16r 1.15 1432611N/A8573623.04 hours ago245.39 MH/s
    BataBTAscrypt 0.75 1432611N/A73001.95 minutes ago886.78 KH/s
    BitSendBSDxevan 1.15 728553N/A60822622.55 minutes ago89.58 MH/s
    BrazioBRAZhmq1725 1.15 178323N/A738420.15 minutes ago247.05 MH/s
    BinariumBINbinarium-v1 1.15 377787N/A566164.08 hours ago80.63 KH/s
    Bitcoin DiamondBCDbcd 1.15 597239N/A2440-343.05 MH/s
    AXE coinAXEx11 0.75 374412N/A50803538.65 minutes ago18.44 TH/s
    AbsoluteABSlyra2v2 0.95 529191N/A3189364.50 hours ago2.52 GH/s