• Pool URL: http://zpool.ca
  • Number of Coins: 221
  • Number of Workers:
    Einsteinium EMC2scrypt 0.5 3065594N/A8805539.78 minutes ago316.4 MH/s
    UFO UFOneoscrypt 0.5 1993061N/A12116524.25 minutes ago1.65 MH/s
    iBitHub IBHscrypt 0.5 149933N/A939001.71 days ago32.63 MH/s
    MarketC CMKx11 0.5 409160N/A743321.95 hours ago2.14 GH/s
    bitbar BTBscrypt 0.5 395091N/A1033702.05 days ago755.49 MH/s
    Gexan GEXphi2 0.5 593767N/A176223.27 minutes ago202.26 MH/s
    Phantomx PNXx11 0.5 1176543N/A88206.71 days ago29.62 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x16rtx16rt 0.5 1256741N/A594235.43 minutes ago403.27 MH/s
    Pigeoncoin PGNx21s 0.5 1122918N/A148702.25 days ago1.44 GH/s
    Donu DONUsha256 0.5 21228N/A3919716.00 minutes ago45.42 TH/s
    Tuxcoin TUXallium 0.5 1026348N/A1882031.75 minutes ago6.07 MH/s
    GCN Coin GCNscrypt 0.5 1589417N/A1685531.87 minutes ago119.91 MH/s
    Pyrk PYRK-x11x11 0.5 57657N/A2227141.48 hours ago14.14 TH/s
    IBITCOIN IBTCsha256 0.5 4478N/A166901.37 days ago293.56 GH/s
    PYRK PYRK-scryptscrypt 0.5 57657N/A1384101.05 days ago3.72 GH/s
    PYRK PYRKsha256 0.5 57657N/A98745.94 hours ago790.17 TH/s
    Gravity GXXlyra2z330 0.5 709779N/A1792483.48 minutes ago45.5 KH/s
    SHIELD XSH-lyra2v2lyra2v2 0.5 2056110N/A7100-748.78 MH/s
    0cash ZCHequihash144 0.5 70269N/A111881.17 hours ago13 H/s
    Zclassic ZCLequihash192 0.5 811469N/A2753047.88 minutes ago466 H/s
    Aryacoin AYAscrypt 0.5 425293N/A9376015.07 days ago5.73 MH/s
    LitecoinFinance LTFNyescryptR32 0.5 1785928N/A648211.25 hours ago641 H/s
    Pirate ARRRequihash 0.5 964685N/A44051.30 hours ago219.1 KH/s
    ZCash ZECequihash 0.5 893969N/A380-4.82 KH/s
    BitCore BTXbitcore 0.5 628182N/A588901.59 months ago8.46 MH/s
    Privcy PRIVx13 0.5 1354215N/A65669.97 minutes ago2.79 GH/s
    BZEdge BZEequihash144 0.5 1165457N/A49803.15 days ago14 H/s
    Mooncoin MOONscrypt 0.5 1918967N/A1211311.38 hours ago173.11 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-arcticarctichash 0.5 1256741N/A359191.13 hours ago123.35 KH/s
    GlobalToken v3 GLT-x12x12 0.5 1256741N/A207106.16 hours ago67.11 MH/s
    xGalaxy coin XGCSx16r 0.5 953106N/A6428328.30 hours ago13.54 GH/s
    NEETCoin NEETscrypt 0.5 2378055N/A18418024.82 minutes ago1.98 MH/s
    AXE coin AXEx11 0.5 487922N/A644399.07 minutes ago3.68 TH/s
    AriCoin ARIscrypt 0.5 944433N/A935808.85 days ago1.78 MH/s
    RedFOX RFOXequihash 0.5 1058318N/A806304.28 minutes ago3.71 KH/s
    Verium VRMscryptn2 0.5 483726N/A22127219.25 hours ago361 H/s
    Historia HTAx16rv2 0.5 343970N/A442884.10 minutes ago273.5 MH/s
    Buenos BUENhmq1725 0.5 69709N/A285311.92 minutes ago64.43 MH/s
    BNode BNODEhoneycomb 0.5 245417N/A20519910.82 minutes ago4.45 GH/s
    Title BCHCblake2b 0.5 1392173N/A2712321.55 minutes ago4.42 GH/s
    BitCash BITCx25x 0.5 956680N/A56515914.00 minutes ago140.88 MH/s
    FreeCash FCHsha256 0.5 272467N/A2367323.19 hours ago9.8 PH/s
    Guncoin GUNneoscrypt 0.5 1496550N/A3824622.57 minutes ago517.66 KH/s
    Race RACElyra2v2 0.5 473432N/A401001.35 minutes ago342.26 MH/s
    Parallel DUOsha256 0.5 226340N/A179305.27 days ago496.03 TH/s
    GoldCoin GLCscrypt 0.5 1236718N/A13001263.06 hours ago4.25 MH/s
    ClassicBit CBTCequihash 0.5 69359N/A203925.18 minutes ago1.56 KH/s
    BSHA3 BSHA3sha3d 0.5 88976N/A2303141.50 hours ago18.98 GH/s
    Fuji FJCscryptn11 0.5 3153455N/A12501.15 months ago740.88 KH/s
    Kzcash KZCx11 0.5 503196N/A622591.52 hours ago3.72 TH/s
    Scribe SCRIBElyra2v2 0.5 613207N/A296491.75 minutes ago1.81 GH/s
    Phoenixcoin PXCneoscrypt 0.5 2492359N/A6360281.33 hours ago134.72 MH/s
    Halcyon HALneoscrypt 0.5 1663568N/A136403.14 days ago13.8 MH/s
    Digibyte DGB-odoodocrypt 0.5 11149560N/A2247625.26 hours ago40.42 GH/s
    Emerald EMDscrypt 0.5 9937240N/A3311532.47 minutes ago1.88 MH/s
    GoByte GBXneoscrypt 0.5 527355N/A136504.59 days ago13.81 MH/s
    Zelcash ZELequihash125 0.5 637681N/A1405636.17 minutes ago2.37 KH/s
    Meraki MEKx17 0.5 104898N/A11031710.14 hours ago14.71 MH/s
    Snowgem XSGequihash144 0.5 1325229N/A119566.13 minutes ago29 H/s
    DigitalNote XDNbmw512 0.5 231104N/A655119.40 hours ago28.75 MH/s
    MBC testnet MBCpower2b 0.5 390980N/A309025955.47 minutes ago98.84 KH/s
    CPUchain CPUcpupower 0.5 526327N/A28348634.17 minutes ago24.46 KH/s
    Scifi SCIFIscrypt 0.5 838446N/A24018732.25 minutes ago2.12 MH/s
    DeVault DVTsha256 0.5 269743N/A754258.04 hours ago494.63 TH/s
    Votecoin VOTequihash 0.5 713339N/A448151.52 minutes ago3.75 KH/s
    METHUSELAH SAPlyra2v2 0.5 355190N/A1233709.75 days ago28.82 GH/s
    Actinium ACMlyra2z 0.5 451271N/A14707.85 days ago60.34 MH/s
    LitecoinPlus LCPscrypt 0.5 5110786N/A1724601.27 minutes ago67.61 MH/s
    Caps CAPSscrypt 0.5 493239N/A34912.78 minutes ago3.38 MH/s
    HDAC HDACskunk 0.5 449282N/A120364126.85 minutes ago2.25 TH/s
    Taler TLRlyra2z 0.5 1113156N/A49314.32 hours ago6.37 KH/s
    GlobalBoostY BSTYyescrypt 0.5 290719N/A590117627.88 minutes ago1.28 MH/s
    Cranepay CRPyespower 0.5 2449900N/A12845713.60 minutes ago3.49 KH/s
    Documentchain DMSyescryptR32 0.5 155030N/A34853336.52 minutes ago7.27 KH/s
    Hush HUSHequihash 0.5 257443N/A761171.77 hours ago234.86 KH/s
    SuperBTC SBTCsha256 0.5 632795N/A7117241.83 hours ago8.52 PH/s
    Bitcoin Cash (ABC) BCHsha256 0.5 643012N/A330-91.34 GH/s
    TitanCoin TTNx21s 0.5 389392N/A1814283.03 minutes ago122.34 MH/s
    Bitcoin Atom BCAsha256 0.5 712558N/A609204.82 minutes ago755.64 TH/s
    BitCoin Rhodium XRCx13 0.5 86709N/A18113931.59 hours ago4.42 TH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-equi192equihash192 0.5 1256741N/A16217.80 minutes ago2 H/s
    01Coin ZOCneoscrypt 0.5 467205N/A4818912.70 minutes ago9.99 MH/s
    Veles VLS-x11x11 0.5 436315N/A272326.13 minutes ago26.07 GH/s
    Veles VLS-lyra2zlyra2z 0.5 436315N/A18007.89 days ago35.3 KH/s
    Veles VLS-shasha256 0.5 436315N/A174903.73 days ago411.71 TH/s
    Veles VLS-scryptscrypt 0.5 436315N/A969108.29 days ago312.18 MH/s
    Veles VLSx16r 0.5 436315N/A5915953.55 hours ago26.86 GH/s
    Veles VLS-nist5nist5 0.5 436315N/A992.77 minutes ago59.96 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x11x11 0.5 1256740N/A421518.23 minutes ago208.79 GH/s
    GlobalToken v3 GLT-x21sx21s 0.5 1256741N/A1159.12 minutes ago2.46 MH/s
    Verge XVG-myr-grmyr-gr 0.5 4189389N/A14457116.27 hours ago250 GH/s
    Bitcoinzero BZXlyra2z 0.5 323051N/A1878224.45 minutes ago82.02 KH/s
    Bitcoin SV BSVsha256 0.5 642778N/A330-429.6 GH/s
    FxTC Coin FXTC-shasha256 0.5 844922N/A624512.83 minutes ago44.27 GH/s
    Emrals EMRALSx11 0.5 339805N/A764823.35 hours ago179.45 GH/s
    Vidulum VDLequihash192 0.5 877068N/A352914.05 minutes ago77 H/s
    Omotenashicoin MTNSskein 0.5 310353N/A116801.33 months ago115.68 MH/s
    Strong Hands SHNDsha256 0.5 201739N/A444388.38 hours ago85.82 TH/s
    Cream CRMskein 0.5 66550N/A72089.65 hours ago689.58 MH/s
    FxTC Coin FXTCx16r 0.5 844922N/A255429.73 minutes ago539.14 MH/s
    Arion ARIONx11 0.5 502632N/A5620310.18 minutes ago94.15 GH/s
    Komodo KMDequihash 0.5 1955559N/A13233.42 hours ago5.44 KH/s
    Bellcoin BELLyespower 0.5 953688N/A10575239.20 minutes ago4.51 KH/s
    FxTC Coin FXTC-lyra2zlyra2z 0.5 844922N/A283133.15 hours ago890 H/s
    FxTC Coin FXTC-x11x11 0.5 844922N/A1929618.08 minutes ago1.14 GH/s
    FxTC Coin FXTC-scryptscrypt 0.5 844922N/A28921.45 minutes ago31.69 KH/s
    Euno EUNOx11 0.5 839224N/A3712333.15 minutes ago18 GH/s
    Tour TOURlyra2z 0.5 381003N/A122602.28 minutes ago43.58 KH/s
    Espers ESPhmq1725 0.5 909969N/A3538841.08 hours ago910.88 MH/s
    Bolivar BOLIx11 0.5 675951N/A625718.92 hours ago83.14 GH/s
    BitcoinGold BTGequihash144 0.5 641574N/A575703.62 days ago22.16 KH/s
    Wood LOGskein2 0.5 1256562N/A4089144.70 minutes ago1.74 GH/s
    SHIELD XSH-myr-grmyr-gr 0.5 2056110N/A41001.16 months ago66.42 GH/s
    RitoCoin RITOx21s 0.5 839060N/A1905740.18 minutes ago100.19 MH/s
    Sparkspay SPKneoscrypt 0.5 494523N/A9314314.73 minutes ago2.64 MH/s
    Dash coin DASHx11 0.5 1300847N/A340-826.86 MH/s
    SIN SINx25x 0.5 454416N/A426183.15 hours ago161.64 MH/s
    GlobalToken v3 GLT-yespoweryespower 0.5 1256741N/A21378211.62 hours ago78.97 KH/s
    Placeholders PHLx16r 0.5 691710N/A4029452.00 hours ago9.03 GH/s
    Bata BTA-lyra2zlyra2z 0.5 1561560N/A422719.23 minutes ago71 H/s
    LBRY.io LBClbry 0.5 793903N/A235601.82 days ago26.46 GH/s
    GlobalToken v3 GLT-tribustribus 0.5 1256741N/A22801.09 days ago668.14 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-phi2phi2 0.5 1256741N/A5161.13 hours ago6.76 MH/s
    GlobalToken v3 GLT-x22ix22i 0.5 1256741N/A196742.40 minutes ago8.06 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-phiphi 0.5 1256741N/A106191.22 hours ago37.76 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x15x15 0.5 1256741N/A372516.63 minutes ago1.64 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-equi96equihash96 0.5 1256741N/A922338.37 minutes ago252.48 KH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-equi144equihash144 0.5 1256740N/A252355.25 minutes ago1 H/s
    DeepOnion ONIONx13 0.5 1995115N/A3975812.85 hours ago555.84 GH/s
    Zero ZERequihash192 0.5 888815N/A5296113.75 minutes ago1.28 KH/s
    Horizen ZENequihash 0.5 756426N/A1057304.35 days ago19.35 MH/s
    Yenten YTNyespowerR16 0.5 686912N/A4992733.02 minutes ago1.35 KH/s
    Verge XVG-x17x17 0.5 4189389N/A1220-1.76 MH/s
    Verge XVG-lyra2v2lyra2v2 0.5 4189389N/A324323.63 hours ago34.74 GH/s
    Verge XVG-blake2sblake2s 0.45 4189389N/A8399776.25 minutes ago628.68 TH/s
    Verge XVGscrypt 0.5 4189389N/A66584713.55 hours ago38.78 GH/s
    SHIELD XSH-x16sx16s 0.5 2056110N/A15984014.22 minutes ago478.31 MH/s
    SHIELD XSH-scryptscrypt 0.5 2056110N/A5434713.81 hours ago273.46 MH/s
    SHIELD XSH-blake2sblake2s 0.45 2056110N/A27572610.86 hours ago7.78 TH/s
    SHIELD XSHx17 0.5 2056110N/A20241101.76 months ago17.57 TH/s
    Myriad XMY-Groestlmyr-gr 0.5 3089346N/A389401.18 days ago123.22 GH/s
    Myriad XMY-argon2dargon2d4096 0.5 3089346N/A100254.95 minutes ago431.06 KH/s
    Myriad XMYyescrypt 0.5 3089346N/A11303242.95 hours ago143.69 KH/s
    Vertcoin VTClyra2v3 0.5 1381294N/A8868021.37 days ago1.03 GH/s
    VeggieCoin VEGIhmq1725 0.5 118592N/A1310242.60 hours ago300.64 MH/s
    Veco VECOyespower 0.5 447744N/A4403764.82 minutes ago1.56 KH/s
    Trezarcoin TZCneoscrypt 0.5 1444619N/A813201.01 days ago282.85 MH/s
    Straks STAKlyra2v2 0.5 1049163N/A30525821.92 minutes ago867.6 MH/s
    Sov SOVx16r 0.5 456599N/A4962403.30 hours ago10.5 GH/s
    SonoA SONOsonoa 0.5 1573294N/A202393.67 minutes ago3.81 MH/s
    SibCoin SIBsib 0.5 1032275N/A5886320.77 minutes ago14.84 GH/s
    SCRIV SCRIVtribus 0.5 2312189N/A20014918.28 minutes ago600.51 MH/s
    SafeCoin SAFEequihash192 0.5 1248146N/A27514.73 hours ago46 H/s
    Rapture RAPneoscrypt 0.5 468706N/A599915.54 hours ago82.98 KH/s
    Peercoin PPCsha256 0.5 509131N/A7367025.75 days ago18.89 PH/s
    PlusoneCoin PLUS1hmq1725 0.5 71376N/A144003.81 days ago326.59 MH/s
    OMEGA OMEGAx11 0.5 947049N/A4835040.00 minutes ago15.53 GH/s
    Nyxcoin NYXneoscrypt 0.5 480424N/A5417418.82 minutes ago1.2 MH/s
    Novacoin NVCscrypt 0.5 595301N/A10586117.02 hours ago4.04 GH/s
    NasdaCoin NSDscrypt 0.5 560805N/A654102.85 minutes ago328.33 MH/s
    Straya NAHscrypt 0.5 468497N/A1047992.51 hours ago21.83 MH/s
    MONA MONAlyra2v2 0.5 2045543N/A13152018.30 days ago1.47 TH/s
    Mogwai MOGneoscrypt 0.5 454646N/A852181.38 hours ago16.28 MH/s
    MBGL MBGLskunk 0.5 394377N/A2704845.53 minutes ago226.42 MH/s
    Litecoin LTCscrypt 0.5 1873261N/A5940-6.31 MH/s
    LitecoinCash LCCsha256 0.5 2055423N/A617834.37 minutes ago726.08 TH/s
    IQ Cash IQneoscrypt 0.5 502790N/A1374866.62 hours ago293.88 MH/s
    IMGC IMGCx11 0.5 329105N/A88102.03 days ago329.58 GH/s
    Hawaii HWIquark 0.5 691154N/A1451.18 hours ago26.5 MH/s
    Groestl GRSgroestl 0.5 3162763N/A17307115.33 hours ago54.48 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-yescryptyescrypt 0.5 1256740N/A2709101.81 hours ago22.75 KH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-xevanxevan 0.5 1256740N/A221398.24 hours ago23.75 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x25xx25x 0.5 1256741N/A219308.29 days ago18.67 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x17x17 0.5 1256740N/A22183.10 minutes ago12.42 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x16rx16r 0.5 1256740N/A642638.00 hours ago13.67 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x14x14 0.5 1256740N/A111101.56 hours ago1.94 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-x13x13 0.5 1256740N/A11531417.03 minutes ago247.64 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-skunkskunk 0.5 1256740N/A4853113.94 hours ago88.6 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-skeinskein 0.5 1256740N/A1705217.69 hours ago4.04 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-scryptscrypt 0.5 1256740N/A973901.99 days ago146.07 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-qubitqubit 0.5 1256740N/A657161.03 hours ago85.63 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-quarkquark 0.5 1256740N/A7102.77 days ago256.36 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-pawelhashpawelhash 0.5 1256740N/A121016.12 minutes ago19.24 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-padipadihash 0.5 1256740N/A133123.07 hours ago170.08 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-nist5nist5 0.5 1256740N/A49102.44 days ago11.74 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-lyra2v3lyra2v3 0.5 1256741N/A318734.77 hours ago59.8 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-lyra2v2lyra2v2 0.5 1256741N/A467716.38 hours ago4.44 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-keccakkeccakc 0.5 1256740N/A1157142.68 hours ago589.38 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-jeonghashjeonghash 0.5 1256740N/A15583.12 hours ago39.97 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-honeyhoneycomb 0.5 1256741N/A4126.72 minutes ago17.56 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-hmq1725hmq1725 0.5 1256740N/A1301111.33 hours ago299.18 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-groestlmyr-gr 0.5 1256740N/A209215.14 hours ago1.07 GH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-equiequihash 0.5 1256740N/A81615.92 minutes ago549 H/s
    GlobalToken GLT-dedaldedal 0.5 1256741N/A561923.15 minutes ago19.47 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-c11c11 0.5 1256741N/A453142.13 hours ago2.4 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-blake2sblake2s 0.45 1256740N/A942361.38 hours ago4.32 TH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-bitcorebitcore 0.5 1256740N/A223709.87 days ago17.27 KH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-astralastralhash 0.5 1256740N/A23133.30 minutes ago80.06 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLT-alliumallium 0.5 1256740N/A34521348.43 minutes ago122.06 MH/s
    GlobalToken GLTsha256 0.5 1256740N/A21322.68 hours ago61.47 TH/s
    Futuro FTOx11 0.5 1147910N/A2321021.18 minutes ago15.2 GH/s
    Feathercoin FTCneoscrypt 0.5 3239461N/A205802.61 days ago53.23 MH/s
    Florin FLOscrypt 0.5 4211094N/A328376.78 minutes ago167.22 MH/s
    Elicoin ELIyescryptR16 0.5 1181814N/A545831.27 minutes ago10.69 KH/s
    Dynamic DYNargon2d500 0.5 519496N/A1789761.25 hours ago430.84 KH/s
    Davies DVSlyra2v2 0.5 288540N/A43805311.71 hours ago3.39 TH/s
    Dinero DINneoscrypt 0.5 733009N/A298515.85 minutes ago214.32 KH/s
    Dime DIMEquark 0.5 4042067N/A11861.34 hours ago240.46 MH/s
    Digibyte DGB-skeinskein 0.5 11149559N/A4531901.65 days ago528.48 GH/s
    Digibyte DGB-shasha256 0.5 11149559N/A38963122.94 hours ago74.2 PH/s
    Digibyte DGB-Scryptscrypt 0.5 11149559N/A137717313.94 hours ago73.42 GH/s
    Digibyte DGBqubit 0.5 11149559N/A8370901.15 days ago1.98 TH/s
    Bithereum BTHequihash144 0.5 648133N/A2287.95 minutes ago1 H/s
    BitcoinZ BTCZequihash144 0.5 586598N/A311788.64 hours ago1.05 KH/s
    Bata BTA-x16rx16r 0.5 1561560N/A782602.73 minutes ago145.61 MH/s
    Bata BTAscrypt 0.5 1561560N/A652192.63 minutes ago14.66 KH/s
    BitSend BSDxevan 0.5 820610N/A323761.49 hours ago5.53 MH/s
    Brazio BRAZhmq1725 0.5 220047N/A1306427.89 hours ago300.37 MH/s
    Binarium BINbinarium-v1 0.5 491940N/A21328.23 minutes ago131.94 KH/s
    Bitcoin Diamond BCDbcd 0.5 626305N/A1462019.12 days ago117.28 MH/s
    Absolute ABSlyra2v2 0.5 685171N/A2653119.17 minutes ago1.66 GH/s