• Pool URL: http://nlpool.nl
  • Number of Coins: 73
  • Number of Workers:
    MinCoinMNCscrypt 0.5 2570868N/A00-N/A
    Anonymous BitcoinANONequihash192 0.5 94491N/A6642512.23 minutes agoN/A
    BitcoinZBTCZequihash144 0.5 469968N/A00-N/A
    SpectreSecurityXSPCc11 0.5 238953N/A188112.11 hours agoN/A
    SnowgemXSGequihash144 0.5 1028762N/A16666058.65 minutes agoN/A
    HorizenZENequihash 0.5 637357N/A00-N/A
    BellcoinBELLyespower 0.5 655708N/A1751211.07 hours agoN/A
    SafeCoinSAFEequihash192 0.5 949894N/A0152.71 hours agoN/A
    TitanCoinTTNx21s 0.5 91951N/A8301.85 days agoN/A
    YcashYECequihash192 0.5 654402N/A196336.85 hours agoN/A
    Pexa CoinPEXAx16rv2 0.5 236859N/A3233036.00 seconds agoN/A
    VotecoinVOTequihash 0.5 477776N/A1001.09 months agoN/A
    PigeoncoinPGNx21s 0.5 823509N/A791983.85 hours agoN/A
    ShieldCoinXSHX17scrypt 0.5 1725681N/A13820.12 minutes agoN/A
    Verus CoinVRSCverushash 0.5 796797N/A4523601.10 days agoN/A
    BitCashBITCx16rv2 0.5 678454N/A1683816.78 minutes agoN/A
    Testnet RVNRVNx16rv2 0.5 1011556N/A30-N/A
    DeVaultDVTsha256 0.5 124923N/A269007.73 days agoN/A
    LUXcoinLUXphi2 0.5 1021622N/A00-N/A
    AbsoluteABSlyra2v2 0.5 529179N/A557933.62 minutes agoN/A
    ZclassicZCLequihash192 0.5 640176N/A091.71 hours agoN/A
    VidulumVDLequihash192 0.5 579452N/A0842.22 hours agoN/A
    FuturoFTOx11 0.5 914330N/A70013.62 days agoN/A
    ZeroZERequihash192 0.5 738906N/A0132.86 hours ago0 H/s
    ZelcashZELequihash125 0.5 488648N/A54118411.75 hours ago0 H/s
    YentenYTNyespowerR16 0.5 539736N/A6097132.12 hours ago0 H/s
    VergeXVG-Myrmyr-gr 0.5 3670320N/A2101.79 days ago0 H/s
    VergeXVGblake2s 0.5 3670318N/A15209906.70 days ago0 H/s
    SHIELDXSHX16x16s 0.5 1725681N/A16120114.30 minutes ago0 H/s
    SHIELDXSHLlyra2v2 0.5 1725681N/A319.25 hours ago0 H/s
    SHIELDXSHblake2s 0.5 1725681N/A731019.17 days ago0 H/s
    RavenDarkXRDx16r 0.5 461352N/A32010.98 hours ago0 H/s
    MyriadXMY-myrmyr-gr 0.5 2972397N/A6832.17 hours ago0 H/s
    MyriadXMYyescrypt 0.5 2972396N/A1602.65 days ago0 H/s
    MotionXMNx16r 0.5 412410N/A322.25 hours ago0 H/s
    VertcoinVTClyra2v3 0.5 1261110N/A519817.28 hours ago0 H/s
    ViridiViridihex 0.5 307876N/A43848.07 minutes ago0 H/s
    VEILVEILveil 0.5 484504N/A73301.16 months ago0 H/s
    VeggieCoinVEGIhmq1725 0.5 90369N/A711055.00 seconds ago0 H/s
    VecoVECOyespower 0.5 300227N/A183329.53 minutes ago0 H/s
    UralsURALSxevan 0.5 300458N/A4015.88 days ago0 H/s
    TuxcoinTUXallium 0.5 737589N/A6155.70 hours ago0 H/s
    TalerTLRlyra2z 0.5 737293N/A21026.52 days ago0 H/s
    SpiderSPDRphi2 0.5 373741N/A30901.51 days ago0 H/s
    SMARTSMARTkeccak 0.25 1364799N/A7539291.35 hours ago0 H/s
    SINSINx25x 0.5 305298N/A141112.59 hours ago0 H/s
    SHIELDSHIELD-MYRmyr-gr 0.5 1725683N/A32261.09 hours ago0 H/s
    SCRIVSCRIVtribus 0.5 1746288N/A591717.51 hours ago0 H/s
    RitoCoinRITOx21s 0.5 541375N/A89972.48 hours ago0 H/s
    RaceRACElyra2v2 0.5 391043N/A56004.18 minutes ago0 H/s
    Qbase QBSx16s 0.5 288905N/A1973.65 hours ago0 H/s
    PlaceholdersPHLx16r 0.5 396075N/A1512699.90 minutes ago0 H/s
    MONAMONAlyra2v2 0.5 1855336N/A301.16 days ago0 H/s
    MogwaiMOGneoscrypt 0.5 331001N/A2824122.12 hours ago0 H/s
    MBGLMBGLskunk 0.5 281024N/A21251.69 hours ago0 H/s
    LitecoinFinanceLTFNyescryptR32 0.5 1731117N/A16711126.35 minutes ago0 H/s
    LitecoinLTCscrypt 0.5 1752391N/A00-0 H/s
    GarlicoinGRLCallium 0.5 1456157N/A8105.63 hours ago0 H/s
    GincoinGINx16rt 0.5 449415N/A1002535.57 minutes ago0 H/s
    ElicoinELIyescryptR16 0.5 896566N/A852411.00 minutes ago0 H/s
    DynamicDYNargon2d-dyn 0.5 432314N/A5142420.42 hours ago0 H/s
    DaviesDVSlyra2v2 0.5 209569N/A444017.35 minutes ago0 H/s
    DigibyteDGBsha256 0.5 9945064N/A71401.87 months ago0 H/s
    CriptorealCRSlyra2z 0.5 399828N/A14026.66 days ago0 H/s
    CranepayCRPyespower 0.5 1860333N/A243042.17 minutes ago0 H/s
    BuenosBUENhmq1725 0.5 52765N/A03936.72 minutes ago0 H/s
    BitCoreBTXbitcore 0.5 512295N/A00-0 H/s
    BitcoinBTCsha256 0.5 607900N/A20-0 H/s
    GlobalBoostYBSTYyescrypt 0.5 262185N/A661606.37 minutes ago0 H/s
    BitSendBSDxevan 0.5 728549N/A6907.32 days ago0 H/s
    BrazioBRAZhmq1725 0.5 178323N/A3601.73 days ago0 H/s
    Bitcoin DiamondBCDbcd 0.5 597239N/A00-0 H/s
    ActiniumACMlyra2z 0.5 332298N/A00-0 H/s