• Pool URL: http://nlpool.nl
  • Number of Coins: 86
  • Number of Workers:
    PigeoncoinPGNx21s 0.5 740155N/A66432850.57 minutes agoN/A
    ShieldCoinXSHX17scrypt 0.5 1633373N/A1207.52 days agoN/A
    Verus CoinVRSCverushash 0.5 716056N/A1727014.77 days agoN/A
    BitCashBITCx16rv2 0.5 601750N/A71244.80 hours agoN/A
    Testnet RVNRVNx16rv2 0.5 928715N/A570-N/A
    Hilux CoinHLXx16r 0.5 189280N/A2192.39 hours agoN/A
    DeVaultDVTsha256 0.5 88190N/A2101035.45 minutes agoN/A
    LUXcoinLUXphi2 0.5 942524N/A10-N/A
    BZEdge BZEequihash144 0.5 788539N/A1999359.50 minutes agoN/A
    GenesisGENXequihash192 0.5 606483N/A001.41 days agoN/A
    AbsoluteABSlyra2v2 0.5 503863N/A103611.39 hours agoN/A
    ZclassicZCLequihash192 0.5 607001N/A001.48 days agoN/A
    VidulumVDLequihash192 0.5 497632N/A90108.75 hours agoN/A
    FuturoFTOx11 0.5 840896N/A0212.04 hours agoN/A
    NumusNMSdedal 0.5 1034937N/A51711.03 minutes agoN/A
    BitZenyZNYyescryptR8 0.5 1716934N/A667601.10 days ago0 H/s
    ZeroZERequihash192 0.5 697201N/A001.41 days ago0 H/s
    ZelcashZELequihash125 0.5 447187N/A33161441.78 minutes ago0 H/s
    YentenYTNyespowerR16 0.5 498801N/A96686430.27 minutes ago0 H/s
    VergeXVGX17x17 0.5 3522837N/A14273015.21 days ago0 H/s
    VergeXVG-Myrmyr-gr 0.5 3522837N/A1126.75 hours ago0 H/s
    VergeXVGblake2s 0.5 3522835N/A37861501.01 days ago0 H/s
    SHIELDXSHX16x16s 0.5 1633373N/A58321.61 hours ago0 H/s
    SHIELDXSHLlyra2v2 0.5 1633373N/A198311.25 hours ago0 H/s
    SHIELDXSHblake2s 0.5 1633373N/A109508.32 days ago0 H/s
    RavenDarkXRDx16r 0.5 378674N/A2111.18 days ago0 H/s
    MyriadXMY-myrmyr-gr 0.5 2938842N/A2372.01 hours ago0 H/s
    MyriadXMYyescrypt 0.5 2938842N/A1202.51 days ago0 H/s
    MotionXMNx16r 0.5 376364N/A273215.02 minutes ago0 H/s
    MagicoinXMGm7 N/A 2396750N/A00-0 H/s
    XDNAXDNAhex 0.5 657531N/A184928.13 hours ago0 H/s
    VertcoinVTClyra2v3 0.5 1227592N/A18305.21 days ago0 H/s
    VelesVLSx16r 0.5 245125N/A2125.47 hours ago0 H/s
    ViridiViridihex 0.5 232406N/A901.03 months ago0 H/s
    VEILVEILveil 0.5 402947N/A1782301.17 days ago0 H/s
    VeggieCoinVEGIhmq1725 0.5 83719N/A2256501.16 days ago0 H/s
    VecoVECOyespower 0.5 259136N/A479548.58 minutes ago0 H/s
    UralsURALSxevan 0.5 281210N/A628812.66 hours ago0 H/s
    TuxcoinTUXallium 0.5 656743N/A1461.78 hours ago0 H/s
    TalerTLRlyra2z 0.5 638454N/A0011.96 days ago0 H/s
    SpiderSPDRphi2 0.5 300810N/A6289.98 minutes ago0 H/s
    SonoASONOsonoa 0.5 1061995N/A0202.52 hours ago0 H/s
    SMARTSMARTkeccak 0.25 1273906N/A262733941.52 minutes ago0 H/s
    SINSINx25x 0.5 263873N/A256111.06 hours ago0 H/s
    SHIELDSHIELD-MYRmyr-gr 0.5 1633373N/A133326.48 minutes ago0 H/s
    SCRIVSCRIVtribus 0.5 1591212N/A8610659.45 minutes ago0 H/s
    SafeCoinSAFEequihash192 0.5 866950N/A1249852423.23 minutes ago0 H/s
    RitoCoinRITOx21s 0.5 458508N/A7101.38 days ago0 H/s
    RaceRACElyra2v2 0.5 368516N/A101411.99 hours ago0 H/s
    Qbase QBSx16s 0.5 262864N/A21611110.00 minutes ago0 H/s
    PolytimosPOLYpolytimos 0.5 315822N/A2542753.53 minutes ago0 H/s
    PlusoneCoinPLUS1hmq1725 0.5 68344N/A236902.86 days ago0 H/s
    PlaceholdersPHLx16r 0.5 313434N/A219271.56 hours ago0 H/s
    PioneerCoinPCOINx11 0.5 348818N/A0412.05 hours ago0 H/s
    MONAMONAlyra2v2 0.5 1802413N/A1005.86 days ago0 H/s
    MogwaiMOGneoscrypt 0.5 292143N/A18802.86 days ago0 H/s
    MBGLMBGLskunk 0.5 249491N/A8014.99 hours ago0 H/s
    MaxcoinMAXkeccak 0.25 3242059N/A134925.28 hours ago0 H/s
    LitecoinFinanceLTFNyescryptR32 0.5 1701769N/A1228715.00 seconds ago0 H/s
    LitecoinLTCscrypt 0.5 1720285N/A00-0 H/s
    KredsKREDSlyra2v2 0.5 343815N/A315231.83 minutes ago0 H/s
    InterzoneITZc11 0.5 519465N/A19355.53 minutes ago0 H/s
    InfinexIFXlyra2z 0.5 492240N/A1011.65 days ago0 H/s
    HanacoinHANAlyra2v3 0.5 912830N/A464111.23 hours ago0 H/s
    GraviumGRVx16r 0.5 699090N/A2104.81 days ago0 H/s
    GarlicoinGRLCallium 0.5 1334334N/A1951516.83 minutes ago0 H/s
    GincoinGINx16rt 0.5 409560N/A763325.88 minutes ago0 H/s
    GenixGENIXx16r 0.5 132455N/A23401.32 hours ago0 H/s
    FolmFLMphi 0.5 402211N/A9421811.02 hours ago0 H/s
    ElicoinELIyescryptR16 0.5 817277N/A742291.13 minutes ago0 H/s
    DynamicDYNargon2d-dyn 0.5 413119N/A1298402.57 days ago0 H/s
    DaviesDVSlyra2v2 0.5 186948N/A101853.23 hours ago0 H/s
    DigibyteDGBsha256 0.5 9610632N/A42315.55 hours ago0 H/s
    CriptorealCRSlyra2z 0.5 378825N/A0012.16 days ago0 H/s
    CranepayCRPyespower 0.5 1696298N/A1004431.48 minutes ago0 H/s
    BuenosBUENhmq1725 0.5 42646N/A2349501.85 days ago0 H/s
    BitCoreBTXbitcore 0.5 479483N/A5970-0 H/s
    BitcoinBTCsha256 0.5 599591N/A20-0 H/s
    GlobalBoostYBSTYyescrypt 0.5 254273N/A2972351.29 hours ago0 H/s
    BitSendBSDxevan 0.5 702730N/A1453512.38 hours ago0 H/s
    BrazioBRAZhmq1725 0.5 172657N/A420102.04 days ago0 H/s
    BitholdBHDc11 0.5 903923N/A0165.27 hours ago0 H/s
    Bitcoin DiamondBCDbcd 0.5 589166N/A00-0 H/s
    Anonymous BitcoinANONequihash144 0.5 73682N/A4925811.30 hours ago0 H/s
    ArgoneumAGMphi2 0.5 478592N/A156838.28 minutes ago0 H/s
    ActiniumACMlyra2z 0.5 299165N/A0020.72 days ago0 H/s